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artist + mama creating paintings to remind you of your brilliance, beauty, and power

Hi, Love! I’m so glad you’re here!


I’m CJ, and I’m an artist and mama.

When my son was four months old, I experienced a postpartum psychotic break. Even though I have taught yoga for years, it was only through painting that I reclaimed my sanity and saved my family.

I believe you are a creative powerhouse, poised and ready to be unleashed on the world — even on days when you can’t seem to find enough time to shower.

These paintings were created to remind you of your brilliance, beauty, and power. Every. Single. Day.

Take your time meandering through the links below.

Feast on some recent paintings or dive into what I’m researching in the studio.

Then shoot me an email at info@cjhowardart.com to let me know which piece is your favorite!




Rave Reviews

Your painting is fitting well in my new bedroom. It’s such deep medicine. Thank you.
— Louisa F.
Oh my goodness, this just brought instant tears to my eyes! I felt so drawn to your series of bones and this is just so amazing.
— Jess T.
What sets CJ apart from the mainstream ‘art business as usual’ is her capacity to be vulnerable. She acts from an authentic place that clearly elicits what is at the core of every human being.
— Carter H.

But is MY art really for You?


My art is for you if…

  • You’re a parent who had an intense postpartum experience.

  • You’re struggling to find a sense of self-worth after becoming a parent.

  • You’re grieving the loss of a parent or child.

  • You’re interested in studying parenthood from an anthropological perspective.

  • You believe in investing in women artists, which promotes equal pay and equal representation in the art world.

My art is not for you if…

  • You’re only interested in collecting art as an investment portfolio. (There are plenty of other artists out there who are better for this!)

  • You live a nomadic lifestyle. (I don’t want to load you down with stuff you’ll just have to pack up and move!)

  • You’re actually not all that passionate about parenthood — or kids, for that matter. (No hard feelings!)

  • You’re actually most passionate about photorealistic or abstract art. (Right on! I can direct you to some awesome folks.)

Have a burning Question?

I gotta be honest… how do I know that your art is even any “good”?

But my house is so small! Where would I even put a piece of art?

Why is your art so expensive?

Well, we’re just barely scraping by… How could I possibly afford an original piece of art?

I want to buy a piece of art for my spouse/parent/child/friend. How do I choose?

I want to be a badass art collector, but I have no clue where to start. What’s the first step?

And Heads UP…

I love each of these paintings and I love you, which means I want you and my art to be an absolute match made in heaven.

Therefore, all paintings come with a Worry-Free Guarantee, which means you can return or exchange any piece you purchase within 30 days!

Plus, the shipping is on me. Yup, totally free shipping. Or - if you’re local - I’ll even be happy to hand deliver your piece and help you hang it.

Finally, if you’re too strapped for the full price upfront but just have to have that painting, I’m happy to work out a payment plan.

So, is My art made for you?

And if my art isn’t the right fit for you, I hope you will continue to research and connect with some of the other magnificent artists out there! Feel free to reach out to me at info@cjhowardart.com, and I’ll be happy to point you towards some exceptional folks.