painter of the postpartum experience

Hi, Love! I’m so glad you’re here!


I’m CJ, and I paint the postpartum experience.

I left an arts administration career to focus on painting after I experienced a postpartum psychotic break.

These paintings are the medicine that saved my sanity, my family, and my life.

Through my paintings, I challenge you to revisit the postpartum experience with fresh eyes.

Through the process of labor, we not only birthed a baby — we re-birthed ourselves.

We aren’t problems to be solved.

We aren’t weakened by our trials.

We aren’t crazy.

We are initiated in ageless wisdom.

We are beautiful fucking warriors.

We are creative powerhouses.




Thoughts from the studio

What sets Catherine apart from the mainstream ‘art business as usual’ is her capacity to be vulnerable. She acts from an authentic place that clearly elicits what is at the core of every human being. This is the basis for engaging and meaningful dialogue giving way to a true sense of connection; something of which the world, and especially our culture, is in dire need of.
— Carter Hubbard