youSPACEme #29, 2019 (Original)

youSPACEme #29, 2019 (Original)


Medium: Acrylic paints, metallic ink, and graphite on canvas

Dimensions: 8” x 8”

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Bugga and I have been centering our daily routine around making art together. Pouring ink on old paintings. Glueing colored pencil drawings to old elevation maps. Covering all paper in sight in long expressive swipes of crayon. 

While he naps, I select one of our collaborative drawings and fill in the gaps with white oil paint or meditative concentric graphite circles — an albeit heavy-handed metaphor for illuminating and assessing the spaces between my child, my past, and my present.

The final product, when framed and presented, appears to be a simple abstract painting — just as being a mother and artist can appear to be so “simple” and “put together” when viewed through the lens of social media.

Through this experience, I am learning how to perceive the space that is still available for me as a separate and sacred entity — even when my child, partner, household responsibilities, and the cultural expectations of “motherhood” feel overwhelming.

My hope is this process of art making will shape me into a more present parent, a more expressive artist, and a more expansive human being — and that the final artworks created will encourage you in your own grapplings with in-between spaces.

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