Re-generation, 2019 (Original)

Re-generation, 2019 (Original)


Painting of mother and child gazing at each other. Bright blue and purple organic forms swirl over a fuchsia background. Gold accents illuminate the piece from every angle.

Medium: Oil paints on linen

Dimensions: 36” x 36” x 1.5”

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In “Re-generation”, the brightly colored oil paints take on a life of their own. The mother and child are both dependent and independent — caught in a liminal world between joy and sorrow, consciousness and unconsciousness, life and death.

This painting is part of a new series of oil paintings that are helping me to process my own paradoxical feelings about motherhood, with its unbridled love, loss of freedom, and death of self.


  • Painted on stretched linen.

  • Signed, dated and titled on front and back by artist.

  • Comes ready to hang with gallery wire across the back.

  • Sides are painted gold.

NOTE: Because all computer monitors are not the same, colors shown on your screen may vary slightly from actual work.