3 Things Moms Actually Want for Mother's Day (and it's not flowers or brunch)

My eyes fluttered open. The baby was nursing. The birds were chirping. The sun had just peeked over the tops of the trees. What a lovely morning!

Then I pulled back the covers to get up and discovered that I WAS LITERALLY COVERED IN SHIT.

The boy had somehow pooped through his diaper in the night. The turds were rolling around the bed next to me. His legs were smearing his feces all over my stomach as he nursed.

Oh, you think this had to be a nightmare? That I am over-exaggerating? I ASSURE YOU I AM NOT.

I accidentally slapped my husband across the face while screaming, “OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD YOU HAVE TO HELP MEEEEE!”

When he discovered what was causing the ruckus, he joined the chorus with “OH GOD HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!?! WHYYYYY!!!????”

After many showers and many loads of laundry, I would like to share with you the 3 things that I - and your mother - actually want for Mother’s Day.

1) Do the grocery shopping.

This includes making the list, taking the children with you, unloading the groceries, and putting them away. And you’ll get extra credit if you can make the entire grocery list without asking her or without forgetting something.

2) Let her take a nap (or bath) alone.

A real nap or warm bubble bath. Not a 15 minute staring-at-the-ceiling lay down because you just can’t handle another toddler meltdown right now. This is a luxurious opportunity to rest without a small human crawling all over her. Or someone pounding on the door to ask where the toilet paper is. Or someone opening the door to drop off a basket of laundry. Blissful, calm silence for her read or dream or actually sleep for at least an hour.

3) Look her in the eyes and tell her that she is doing a great job.

This will go further than any card or brunch or flowers. If you have a mother or are married to a mother or meet a mother on the bus or are a mother looking in the mirror, just say these words while looking straight in her eyes (maybe even with your hands on her shoulders):







Say this slowly. Say it without an ounce of uncertainty or dismissiveness. Say it from the bottom of your heart. It will make her day.

I guarantee you that your mother cleaned your shit off of her own exhausted body at some point. Treat that woman right every day of the year. And if you don’t have a good relationship with your mother and don’t know any other mothers, find a random mama in the grocery store and do #3 for her.

If you use these ideas, send me an email to let me know!

Wishing you a lovely spring,


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