12 Surprising Places You Can Hang Art

When most people think of buying artwork, especially an original that is a financial investment, often times the assumption is that the art would need to hang “over the couch” or “over the mantle”. But what about folks (like me) who don’t actually own a couch or a mantle?

To help you brainstorm other places you could hang artwork, here is the list of 12 places we have original artwork hanging in our 500 sq ft home:

  1. In the little nook next to the front door. (We actually have two small pieces there.)

  2. On the wall between the cabinets and the dining room table.

  3. On the wall between the laundry room and the bathroom.

  4. On the wall between the bathroom window and the bathroom door.

  5. Above the piano.

  6. Above the desk.

  7. Behind the comfy chairs.

  8. Above the dresser.

  9. Above the bed.

  10. Above the crib.

  11. Above the toy shelf.

  12. Above the rocking chair.

You can get really creative with where you hang artwork. Give yourself a pop of beauty in places you may least expect. Inside the closet? Above the back door? On the side of a cabinet?

Also, what other spaces do you inhabit on a regular basis? Do you have a private office? What about the lobby of your office space? You can even hang art in your cubicle! Hell, donate a piece to the coffee shop where you get your coffee every morning!

Being creative in selecting where you hang a new piece of art will go a long way in your enjoyment of it. Plus, when you have visitors, they will often exclaim in delight at those funny little places where you are hanging art. That element of surprise makes the artwork, your home, and their perception of you even more memorable.

(For the single folks out there, my best bit of dating advice is to have some kickass original art hanging in your home. It makes you seem wealthy, worldly, and mysterious to whomever you bring home. Don’t ask me how I know that :) )

What other odd places do you hang artwork in your house or work space? Share below so we can all be inspired by your creativity!

Sending you lots of love,


P.S. If you believe that any of these paintings are good enough for you to add it to your personal art collection, then I want you and my art to be an absolute match made in heaven. Therefore, all paintings come with a Worry-Free Guarantee, which means you can return or exchange any piece you purchase within 30 days. Plus, the shipping is on me. Yup, totally free shipping. (Or - if you’re local - I’m happy to hand deliver your piece and help you hang it.) Finally, if you’re too strapped to pay the full price upfront but just have to have that painting, I’m happy to work out a payment plan with you that will work for both of us.

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